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Dog Silencer™ Training Pack

Purchase the OnGuard™ with your Dog Silencer™ and save!


Good Life® Training Pack – At Home or On The Go!

You’re already picturing the Dog Silencer™ keeping dogs quiet around your home, but what about inside the house?

Or walking past the yapper a few houses down...

Or those noisy bark-filled car trips that feel much longer than they really are...

Whether it’s your dog or neighbourhood dogs driving you crazy, the Training Pack has you covered. The Dog Silencer™ stops barking around your home while OnGuard™ is great when you're on the go. Now you can live a bark free life and address those "other" annoying dog habits!

The handheld OnGuard™ is a safe and effective solution to stop unwanted dog behavior like jumping on furniture, barking at the door, or even to help repel approaching dogs in your neighbourhood. With a push of a button, this handheld ultrasonic device catches the dog's attention and distracts him from whatever he's doing.

Having both the Dog Silencer™ and OnGuard™ at your disposal gives you more flexibility to train your dog, neighbourhood dogs, or even multiple dogs!

Here's Why This Is Such A Great Combination:

Use the Dog Silencer™ to control barking around your home.

Take OnGuard™ with you on walks, runs, or car rides.

Let the Dog Silencer™ do the bark training while you're away.

Use the OnGuard™ for instant, customized training for other bad behaviors.

And for those really stubborn moments, use the Training Pack in tandem for additional correction!


Dog Silencer™ Features

  • Works on yours or neighbour's dog
  • Detects barking up to 23 m
  • Stops barking up to 60 m
  • Remote control included
  • Installs virtually anywhere
  • Battery or AC Powered
  • Weather resistant

OnGuard™ Features

  • Ultrasonic corrective trainer
  • Repel or train dogs up to 15 m
  • High output LED flashlight
  • Loud, audible Panic Alarm
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Battery operated
  • Durable dual rubber coating