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Dog Silencer Multi-Pack
Dog Silencer Wall Mount Dog Silencer 60ft. Extension (Sold Separately)

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Dog Silencer® Multi-Pack

When you have neighbors on either side of your house with barking dogs, it's time to bring in the Dog Silencer Multi-Pack.


Optional Faceplate

Included in this Pack:

2 Dog Silencers

2 Remote Controls

2 AC Adapters

Product Details

To learn more about the Dog Silencer, visit the Dog Silencer main page for full Product Details, Comparison, Specs, Videos and more.

Make Your Dog Silencer Even Better

Dog Silencer Wall Mount Dog Silencer Sound-Amplifying Cone Dog Silencer 60ft. Extension

Mount w/ Pan & Tilt - NEW!

Perfect for mounting your Dog Silencer on fences, decks, trees, walls, posts and much more.


Sound-Amplifying Cone - NEW!

Easily snaps on to amplifiy your Dog Silencer’s sound output by 4–6dB.



60ft. Extension Cord - POPULAR!

Adds a generous 18m to your AC Adapter while being razor thin, discreet and durable.

Solid Color Faceplate 3-Pack for Dog Silencer DSP Remote Control Dog Silencer AC Adapter

Snap-on Faceplate Singles

Blend in almost anywhere with Tan, Matte White, Camouflage, Brick, and Tree Bark options.


Extra Remote Control

Give one to your spouse or roommate, or keep one as a spare.



Replacement AC Adapter 

Works great as a replacement or spare. 1.8m in length.



2 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage 3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage 3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage
2 Year Protection Plan

3 Year Protection Plan

3 Year Protection Plan + Accidental Coverage

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