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Stop dog barking with the Dog Silencer Pro bark control training product
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Off Bark Free Portable, stop dog attacksand dog barking Dog Off Pro
Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

What is the Dog Off Pro used for?
This unit can be used to train your own dog to stop those bad habits, both at home or outside.

Can I train my dog not to jump/ chew/ bite?
You can activate this unit when the dog is doing any undesired activity (barking, jumping on the furniture, scratching, digging, etc.). Consistency to any training program is key, but you also don't want to overdo it. For example, using the Dog-Off Pro if your dog already wears a bark collar would be "overkill," but if you use our free-standing Dog Silencer Pro in the backyard and the handheld Dog-Off Pro inside the home, they would work well together because the dog is only exposed to one product at a time. 

How far does the unit reach?
The sound frequencies can be projected up to 25-30 feet.

Does it go through walls?
No, as with all ultrasonic sound frequencies, these sound frequencies will not go through any solid objects, such as walls. When using this product, you want to make sure you have a clear line of sight with the dog.

Does this unit come with a warranty or guarantee?
Our products come with both! We include a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee that starts the day you receive the device and ends the day you decide to return it, so you truly have a full 90 Days. We are so confident our products will end your barking problems, that we also include a one year comprehensive warranty that covers any sort of manufacturer defects.