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No More Barking Dogs Due To Dog Silencer Pro

No More Barking Dogs - Xomba

Xomba, 3/10/2008

I kid you not. Dog Silencer Pro saved my sanity. A month or so ago, I was in danger of checking myself into the local hospital mental ward. Our neighbor’s dogs had barked almost non-stop for 2 days.

This particular neighbor, when asked to quit throwing beer cans across the fence into another neighbor’s yard, responded by draping a huge banner with the 4-letter f-word across the fence so that this elderly lady would see it every time she entered her back yard.

Another time, they told her she looked stupid at her age to be out mowing her lawn astride a riding mower. The lady in question is in her late 70’s, has arthritis, and had just lost her husband. She takes great pride in being able to take care of the yard herself, but after that comment, avoided contact with the crude neighbor whenever possible.

We felt we had grounds to call the police over the dog barking incident. The people had obviously left the dogs in the back yard while they went off somewhere for the week end, but, as most people do, we like to avoid neighborhood conflict whenever possible. After all, we would be running into them at the mailbox often, but two days of constant barking, and I had had it.

We had read about dog bark silencers and had dismissed them as too expensive, but, at this point, I thought it would be worth any amount of money — if it worked.

We ordered the Dog Silencer Pro online and it arrived in only 2 days. (I think they must have a distributor in every state.) It was $89.95 plus shipping, and worth every penny.(You can get similar machines for less, but none of them, including the one we purchased, will work if there is a tree, fence, or any other obstruction between you and the dog. The Dog Silencer Pro that we bought did have a much longer range than several others we considered. About 75 feet.

My husband hung the unit under the eaves of our house, pointed toward the neighbor's yard. The dogs came rushing to the fence between our houses as he was putting the ladder away and immediately began to bark. Once, loudly; a second time, not quite so loudly; and then several little half-hearted yips and the barking stopped. I couldn’t believe it.

The unit can be operated on batteries or on electricity, or even manually if you prefer. It is water-resistant, but not water-proof so hanging it under the eaves protects it from the weather.

I can’t say enough good things about the Dog Silencer Pro. I am not getting paid to tell you about it. I am not giving you a link to it online, although you can feed it into any search engine, and find out more information about it. I am just so pleased with it that I wanted to let anyone out there who has a similar problem with a neighbor’s dog, or even your own, that there IS help.

Sometimes, in the early morning, I hear dogs further away winding up for their eary morning barking contest, and I hold my breath, wondering if the dogs next door will enter in. They start to, but only with a tenative little yip to see if the horrible “thing” next door to them is still there. It is, and it is working. They hear it, and give up. I think they have met their match, and they know it.

Reprinted with Permission from Xomba -